[Call to Action] Test Cherry Network's EVM-Compatibility Parachain

After months of toil and hard work, the core team feels confident the Cherry Network EVM-compatibility Parachain (pEVM) is ready for a final general stress test ahead of its deployment on the Cherry Network mainnet.

The pEVM has been online for several months on testnet. It was, however, only accessible by technically savvy users and community members who assisted the team in hunting bugs and implementing fixes. We now want to open the testing to everyone, regardless of prior technical competencies, to give pEVM the final stress test.

50 participating users selected randomly among those who complete the following tasks will be eligible to receive 1,500 CHER directly from the Cherry Network’s DAO Treasury, our decentralized governance and funding system.


  • Create a Cherry Network account if you don’t already have one. Follow the Create an Account Guide
  • Claim 50 testnet CHER from the tCHER faucet on Discord:
    Head to the Cherry Network Discord Server, verify your Discord account on the #verify-here channel, on the #testnet channel enter ~claim <your_Cherry_Network_Account_Address>
  • Add Cherry Testnet EVM network to your Ethereum wallet (Guide for Metamask: How to connect Metamask to Cherry EVM)
  • Switch the Cherry.Place blockchain interface network to the Cherry Network Testnet:
    Click on the Cherry logo on the top left of the Cherry.Place screen. Select Cherry Network Testnet and later Cherry EVM Parachain under Testnet Networks as displayed below:

Required Bounty Actions:

A. Test XCM Parachain Messaging and EVM account Abstraction

  1. Transfer tCHER from the Cherry Network Testnet Relay Chain to tpCHER in the EVM-Compatibility Parachain (Guide: How to Transfer CHER between Relay Chain and Parachains)
  2. Derive a substrate-compatible public key from your Metamask wallet account: (Guide: Ethereum - Substrate Account Mapping)
  3. Abstract tpCHER in the EVM-Compatibility Parachain to tpCHER on the emulated Ethereum Virtual Machine (Guide: How to Transfer pCHER between Substrate and Ethereum Accounts)
  4. Transfer any small amount of tpCHER to the team wallet: 0x0b3af837e19A836D16fe90C74e934894A6F875f5
  5. Transfer tpCHER from the EVM back to the EVM-Compatibility Parachain (Guide: How to Transfer pCHER between Substrate and Ethereum Accounts)
  6. Transfer tpCHER from the EVM-Compatibility Parachain to tCHER on the Cherry Network Relay Chain (Guide: How to Transfer CHER between Relay Chain and Parachains)

B. Test Cherry Network’s Ethereum Virtual Machine

This section is optional. Additional rewards are available subject to review by the core team.

  1. Connect Remix to Cherry EVM (Guide: How to connect Remix to Cherry EVM) and deploy any Solidity or Vyper smart contract e.g., OpenZeppelin’s ERC20 Template
  2. Interact with this smart contract calling functions as you would on EVM (authorize, transfer, mint or burn tokens)

Additional CHER can be earned if you find creative ways to test and put pressure on our pEVM. The more stuff you break, the more we can learn and improve our network before releasing this update onto the mainnet!

This bounty will remain active until Sunday, July 23nd, 2023 (notwithstanding any unforeseen revelations emerging from this stress testing period).

All funds will be disbursed within one month from the conclusion of the bounty upon the next DAO treasury renewal.

:exclamation: July 24, 2023 Update :exclamation:

The bug bounty has been extended for another week until Sunday, July 30th, 2023. Keep the bug testing and reports coming for a chance to win 1,500 CHER or more!