Introduce yourself!

Welcome to the Cherry DAO Forum. This thread is designed to give you a chance to say hello to the Cherry Community and tell us a bit about yourself!

Some questions you might consider to get your thoughts flowing:

-Who are you?
-Where are you from?
-What is your industry/profession?
-How did you hear about Cherry?
-Do you have any hobbies or interests?


I’ll go first. My name is John, I live in Ireland and I’ve been working here at Cherry for four months. Aside from crypto and blockchain technology which I first developed my interest in two years ago, I’m also a fan of reading, history, hiking and hurling (our primary national sport here in Ireland). I look forward to meeting you all!

Your turn!


Hey y’all! My name is Bobby(short for Charalampos), I live in Greece and I’ve been a Core Developer for Cherry since last November. I like skateboarding & playing my Baglamas. Nice to meet you all.


Hey everyone! I am Josean and I am also an Ambassador. Been holding cher since day 1 and I have high hopes for this project. I am also a crypto believer! I believe the civilization needs to move towards crypto and web3.


Howdy everyone!
My name is Rafael, I currently live in Venezuela and I’ve been a long-time supporter and follower of the Cherry Network since its presales.
A pleasure to meet y’all.


Heya guys!

I’m Marvin AKA Marv, project lead for Cherish and I live in Belgium.
I’ve been working for CherryLabs/Cherish since February and still can’t believe I get to do my dream job every day!

Long Live Cherry :cherries::raised_hands:


Hello everyone my name is James. I live in the United States. Ive been a investor in Cherry Network since its first week. I enjoy spending time with my family and golfing.


Sup y’all. I’m Bobby, an ambassador for Cherry Network. I heard about it from a tiktok and I’ve been here ever since. Aside from my interests in blockchain technology and web3, I like to read and always strive to be better than I was yesterday.


Hey guys! I’m Jeremy (AKA JD or moqc) and I’m a Cherry Ambassador based in the US. I’ve been involved in the project since December ‘21 and mainly focus on community building and knowledge sharing in Telegram and Discord. Offline, I’m an entrepreneur, software engineer, and long term equity/crypto investor.


Hey Everyone I’m Erich lettuce (follow the light :bulb:) , been a long firm loyal investor of Cherry I enjoy working out at the gym and playing basketball during free time. I also love flying my drone.

Cherry to the moon :up: :cherries:


Good day everyone. My name is Werner,im from the sunny South Africa. I’m a passionate birdkeeper and breeder. In my spare time i enjoy nature and golfing. Bought Cherry at the ATH of 0.5,but im so hooked on this project,i’ve DCA down a lot since. Can’t wait to see how Cherry grows with the great team behind it.


Hello everyone! I am Fotis (but you can call me Zycon) and I live in Greece. I have been working for Cherry Network since late December of 2021 as an entry level software engineer (working in Testnet and Mainnet). In my spare time I play board games, video games and some tabletop RPGs. Nice to meet you everyone!