How to Bridge CHER Cross-Chain

The following is a quick walkthrough to use the Cherry official cross-chain bridge to transfer tokens between the supported networks: BNB Chain, Polygon, and Cherry Network.

Bridge CHER from Polygon or BNB Chain

  1. Connect your Metamask Wallet to one of the supported networks and select the desired origin network from the From section dropdown.
  2. Connect the bridge app to the wallet using the Connect Button. The bridge will calculate your available CHER balance on the selected network
  3. In the To section, input the amount you want to transfer; select the destination network; and enter the destination address
  4. If you have not yet granted the bridge smart contract address permission to interact with your wallet, click Grant Allowance and submit the Metamask transaction
  5. Bridge your tokens by clicking Bridge

Bridge CHER from Cherry Network

  1. Select Cherry Network as the desired origin network from the From section dropdown
  2. In the To section, select the destination network; input the Cherry Network address you wish to bridge CHER from, and the destination network address you wish to receive CHER to
  3. Based on the above data, the bridge app will generate a message you must sign; click Sign Association Message which will open a new browser tab of the Cherry Network interface Cherry.Place;
  4. Select the address you previously indicated from which you intend to bridge CHER, unlock the wallet, paste the association message in the sign the following data box, and click sign
  5. Copy the output signature, and paste it into the input box on the Cherry Bridge app
  6. If the signature is correct, the Cherry Bridge app will provide you with the smart contract address of the Cherry Network Bridge
  7. Click Transfer to navigate to Cherry.Place and make a simple transfer transaction of any amount of CHER to the Bridge smart contract address from the same account previously associated


  • Only use the official apps to bridge CHER and perform transactions. The team is not liable for interactions with unofficial smart contracts. The official links are - the Bridge App, and - the Cherry Network Blockchain Interface
  • Double, triple check the destination addresses you input. Mistaken or incorrect addresses may result in irreversible loss of coin
  • Bridge transactions encounter fees. Review the fees from the Bridge App before performing bridge transactions. Bridging any amount of CHER less than the stated fee transactions will fail.