Cherish - The Creators Network

Cherish is a set of advanced web3 tools and decentralized applications connecting artists to their fans, allowing for the free and frictionless exchange of creativity and art, for the first time ever.

Cherish is a community of people passionate about art and freedom of creative expression. organized in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to collaborate in advancing their ideals through technology.

United by a fundamental Vision to “make artistic expression accessible to all,” our founders set out to build an set of tools to enhance creators’ ability to create and distribute their art freely, to the world.

We believe the ability to express art, no matter its content, is a necessary prerequisite for progress and prosperity. However, legacy systems tend to stifle and censor art deemed “controversial” or “inconvenient.” We observed the fragmented landscape of intermediaries and services, ultimately drowning artistic expression with high fees and insurmountable barriers to entry. As technologists, we knew this did not have to be the case. So we took it upon ourselves to liberate artistic expression from the constraints of the past, for all of us, once and for all.


Cherish is focused on solving real-world issues plaguing artists and creative enterprises, both large and small. Our solutions are tailored and adapted to meet the challenges of tomorrow, developed with scalability and global adoption in mind.

The Cherish decentralized application is a vast set of smart contracts implemented in the innovative language ink! based on Rust, and deployed using the Cherry blockchain stack.

Blockchain is the ultimate technology to promote decentralization and collaborative reinvention of outdated systems. Cherish is based on Cherry Chain by Cherry Network, a blockchain network optimized for media operations with high throughput and subsecond latency. Cherry Chain enables users to store and distribute large amounts of data while keeping their content private and secure.

Learn more about Cherish here:
Alpha website