[Call to Action] Test our Testnet

The time has finally come: the Cherry Network will soon become a layer-zero blockchain!
This update has been online on our testnet for several weeks, and we now feel ready to deploy this massive update on the mainnet.

Before we go live, we would like our community to interact with the testnet and give it one final stress test.

50 participating users selected at random among those who complete the following tasks will be eligible to receive 1,000 CHER directly from the Cherry Network’s DAO Treasury, our very own decentralized governance and funding system to be inaugurated with the upcoming relay chain mainnet update.


Required Bounty Actions:

  1. Send some (between 0.01 and 1) tCHER to any address e.g. 5FESmA6T9Y13HtPgTDbrRvCyp3tAHKWniqnZYuxVBXiGmiYQ
  2. Set up an identity for your account: Follow the Identity Guide.
  3. Bond your CHER and nominate validators: Follow the Nomination Guide.
  4. Make a Treasury proposal (requesting between 1 and 50 tCHER): Follow the Governance Treasury Guide.

Additional CHER can be earned if you find creative ways to test and put pressure on our testnet. The more stuff you break, the more we can learn and improve our network before releasing this update onto the mainnet!

This bounty will remain active until Sunday November 20th, 2022 (notwithstanding any unforeseen revelations emerging from this stress testing period).

All funds will be disbursed within one month from the conclusion of the bounty, upon the next DAO treasury renewal.

Additional task for technical users only:

Spin up a Cherry Network testnet node :desktop_computer: - the 10 users who run the testnet node for the longest time will receive 1,000 more CHER :cherries: :money_with_wings:
Follow this guide to create a Cherry Network by compiling the Rust codebase
Please record any issues while compiling and deploying, and try to become a Validator using this guide

*Please note that we prefer nodes on linux machines with high uptime like servers. We will be able to offer limited support to debug deployment issues on other platforms.